Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Ringtail Reporter Reporting for Duty

Karl Rove, Rush Limbaugh, and the Koch brothers are all horse's asses. Rick Perry is another one. Rick Perry is owned by his sponsors like a little puppet with a tiny, tiny brain (just enough brain to keep him alive, nothing extra. 
I found the above myself on Sept. 18, looking up CNN to find out who to blame for them not reporting the large demonstration on Wall St. Yes, that says "Priest penis"

Pebbles on a chessboard
Farrell Hamann Fine Art Sacramento, CA

Note: I'm going to start selling my flat marble toy spiral via the net very soon (hand held for kids older that 4 1/2 due to choking hazard) Don't have any made up yet but will soon. Each one will be different. Don't have pay pal so you'll have to pay by money order or silver, perhaps personal check until and if I get Paypal. Have some other ideas in the works for gifts and what nots. I'm thinking I need an inexpensive line of art and that's what's motivating me.  These toys would make great Christmas or birthday gifts or just to have around as sculpture.

Below: Latex mold for making spiral marble toys, I've made a number of these and they are great toys and help with hand eye. The finished marble spiral will be approximately 12 1/2 inches across. For Price, I thinking $32 shipped in USA or $55 for two. You can always arrange to pick up in person in Sacramento and see my huge art collection (giant spheres, obelisks, castles, chateau, paintings, wall hangings, large marble toys)

Latex mold for casting 12 1/2 inch marble spiral toy

 Close up detail of above latex mold


My Phone in Sacramento, CA 916-641-7696 

Breaking: (haha) I decided to accepting writing assignments so let me know what your needs are.. 

 Knight of the Imperial Order of the Opossum (IOOTO)

 Send the artist $1.00 and you can use any pic on this site except the opossum image as long as you do not use it commercially.  I could use the buck

Send your dollar to:
Farrell Hamann
1237 Dealynn St. #4
Sacramento, CA 95825

 Guilt Kitty Cat

Video below: Please do not abuse Rogaine, don't be like me.

Is this what the hidden envelope cam sees when you open your mail?

Lovely Zinnias

Below: Monsanto sucks ass and Rat

Shadow Rat and hand
Speaking of rats, was thinking. Someone should hire an armadillo to help Governor Rick Perry of Texas cross texas highways. That'd be good. Muhahahahahaha 

Rick Perry talks tough but I bet I could chase him out of a room with a Q-Tip dipped in brown mustard.

 Burger King laid off the King, poor old phuk, no pension, nothing, just a pink slip. #BK

"Malice in Wonderland: A Tea Party Fable"  (A cool book that will not amuse the evil billionaire brothers, David and Charles Koch. Why you should boycott all Georgia Pacific products which includes Dixie Cups, Stainmaster carpets, and a hell of a lot of crappy toilet paper and paper towels. The Koch brothers just want to pollute freely and have already created a Superfund site with their toxic waste. The Tea Party candidates and office holders, like Jim DeMint, Rand Paul, etc. really suck. By the way: conservatives supported King George and the Redcoats during the American Revolution and the Boston Tea Party was about fair taxes, not no taxes!! The Tea Party is not a grassroots movement, it is astroturf paid for by the Koch billionaires who want to create their own cadre of Hitler type Brown Shirts.  They need to be stopped.  Sad, how they are passive and played by corporate money.  Only time to be as passive as them is when you have a thermometer stuck in your ass.  Fox News and CNN are part of the problem because they support the crazy right wing and won't call out liars like Limbaughzbub (El Rusbo)  Prescott Bush, George W's grandfather supported and aided the Nazis DURING WWII.  Evil

Sarah Palin Rogue Coloring and Activity Book (get yours, cheap!)  

Little asshole scum in Sacramento hit a woman for no reason and made a video of it. See them, call the cops 

Bo Dogly sings Fly on the Wall in this rare, charming video. You'd be crazy (like Donald Trump) not to watch this super talent.